VeilSide VS D-1R FRP Bucket Racing Seat ALL Red

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Special Order, takes 4 to 8 weeks, All Sales Final!


Even though very rarely Authentic VeilSide product has defect which less than 1%…


Even though very rarely Authentic VeilSide product has defect which less than 1%, occasionally it happened therefore we do offer 1 (One) Year against manufacture defect on product for your piece of mind, please email pictures of the products & serial # located by the VeilSide logo behind the actual product as well as explaining of the issue/s to Store@VersusTradingCo.com. We will try to reply within 24 Business hours.

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VeilSide VS D-1R FRP Bucket Racing Seat ALL Red

Color: Red on Red
Fabric: Cloth
Frame Material: FRP
Quantity: Each
Light Weight: 15LBS
Finish: JDM FRP Gloss Black Color
Weight: 6.4Kg

To be able to secure a driving position best also very professional driver numerous maximizing the know-how cultivated all representative horizontal curtain, from the driving experience of many years, it was devised to [VS D-1R Racing Seat] has been rave reviews.
Award-winning in a variety of departments domestic public road world speed record achieved national record established, in New Zealand in DRAG race, the Auto Salon. Is the result of obtaining the car building uncompromising always, Oyobi even in one sheet insistence, it is a point that can not compromise functionality and design which.
Use a high-strength full carbon Kevlar material in order to ensure sufficient durability and strength.
The idea is tuning parts, sheet also achieve the best shape convincing repeated again and again of trial and error.
And, VS D-1R Racing Seat was finally born.
Come to the person who understands the value of genuine, gem of attention you want in your hands. Features ? lower back pain in the drive more than half of drivers have experienced. Then, one one the hardness of the sponge of the seat pad for reducing the fatigue of a drive by the excessive burden on the waist due to the fact that weight you have also experienced their own representative Yokomaku is partially centralized, was feeling the stress is varied Tsu, ensure a sufficient volume and hardness, it became a long distance drive or hard drive stress-free more comfortable is possible to pad the seat part. For volume hardness of the seat pad, it is one of the areas in which the representative horizontal curtain is pulled attention. Features ? The material is used in the back shell of high strength carbon Kevlar. It provides high strength further by How to compose the framework, the framework of the reinforcement sheet supports. ? features it is possible to secure the head clearance when it is mounted the low-angle design ... helmet, thought Japanese type, and are designed with no angle reclining best on the other. * It does not feel cramped feeling of bucket seats in general. You can ride a comfortable fit, any person when the sense of distance and the handle, sat down.

Special Order, takes 4 to 8 weeks, All Sales Final!

Email to CS@VersusTradingCo.com for Combine Shipping cost on multiple items!

VERSUS is "THE ONLY" North American EXCLUSIVE VeilSide Importer & Distributor only selling Authentic Original VeilSide Products from Japan! Shop with a piece of mind for hard to find VeilSide Authentic Original Products as Dreams & Requests by Many.

Don't buy Copy! Beware of distributors/ dealers/ retail shops/ Internet sites selling VeilSide replicas under the names of Invader, Vader, VS, Millennium, Kombat, etc. or listing items as VeilSide “STYLE”. These products are NOT THE ORIGINAL DESIGN as copied versions of Veilside authentic products and it will not fit your vehicle properly. Again, all of these replicas do not design and only copy design of Authentic VeilSide.

Don’t learn the hard way! Knockoff companies utilize low-grade, cheap, thin fiberglass to save on production cost which will eventually ruin your vehicle. You will spend more money on labor time at the body shop in prep, bodyworks & install and still fall short of quality of Authentic VeilSide. We have many consumers contact us with regret for trying to save money buying a replica.

VeilSide is one of the longest standing Japanese Tuner Brands with over 30 Years of history.

Authentic VeilSide products offer Elegant, Luxurious, Unique, Supreme & Platinum Design with highest Vivid Quality as surface comes in smooth, white color gel coat or Carbon Fiber JDM Plain Weave on the outside with on the back of the products made with even thickness unlike many other fiberglass on the market which uneven/ wavy so you will spend much less labor time at the body shop for preparation most importantly perfect Fit as all the body lines are lined up according to factory vehicle shapes and specs.

Authentic VeilSide is known for Best of the Best Products in the Automotive Body Kit fitment in the World. All parts come with OEM factory perfect fit, no products have better fitment than this on the market as you or your body shop will LOVE Authentic VeilSide products which most body shop first impression is they are not the biggest fan of working with aftermarket fiberglass parts but this will change their view on fiberglass once they experience it as VeilSide is true JDM FRP fitment. WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

VeilSide Body Kit/ Ground Effect also a functional aero dynamic as some are made by dry or wet-laid Carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber and FRP as well as made in Japan as known to be one of the most precise mankind products made in the World.
All Authentic VeilSide products come with "VeilSide" Logo Embedded in the back of each product with serial number & most of products come with Stainless Steel "VeilSide" Emblem Batch on the outside surface to proof of Authenticity. Money doesn’t Lie!

Using replica products will also lower your vehicle resale value BUT most importantly lower your Pride & Dignity as you will feel shameful & guilty in your heart as well as in front of your friends as no different with using fake Gucci, Rolex or Louis Vuitton, how can someone feels good about it.

United States & Other Patents:
Many of VeilSide products protected with 1 or more United States CopyRights, Trade Marks, Service Marks or Design Patents or patent pending and VeilSide will take action to the full extent under the court of United States Law for any infringement of any VeilSide products.

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